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Shadow-matching "Animals of Oceania"

1,50 € Brand: WunderwerkstattWunderwerkstatt

16 Animals of Oceania and their shadows 

A task for little explorers. Match animals and their shadows.

Can be combined with figurines for an additional level of difficulty.

*illustrations from Manu*

MamalsLeadbeater's possumkoalared kangarooplatypusTasmanian Devilwombat 

Birds: pukeko, Raggian bird-of-paradise, kiwilittle penguinemu

Reptilefrill-necked lizard

Amphibia: giant banjo frog

Fish: Queensland lungfish, leafy seadragon

Insekts: Queen-Alexandra-birdwing




[optional] Laminate

Cut along all grey lines - if you like to use the cards as a memory game cut all print too. I love using a paper trimmer.

[optional] I like to cut my corners with a corner cutter as those laminates edges are spiky.

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