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Play Ideas for beginners

We are working on an english version.

Nature Hunts

Easy to customize and combine to your needs - great entertainment during trips, naturewalks or errands. 

Nature hunt cards with various themes. 

  • colorful motif to find 
  • big caption for early readers
  • big checkbox

The shopping set will be available soon in the welcome mail of the "Ideenpost" :-)

Felt loops

Making long lines or chaplets out of felt bands - practising opening and closing buttons, snaps and Velcro straps

Latest articles

Sorting - the good ones go into the pod

Sorting exercises can be so different. You can sort into colours, shapes, properties ect.

Toddler puzzles

First simple puzzles for toddlers - discover sequenzes, fruit, vegetables and rainbows - excersises fine motor skills and improves the hand eye coordination

Baa baa black sheep - feltmat

Baa baa black sheep - have you any wool?

Favourite articles

The easiest and quickest playdough

This play dough has many different variaties and only needs very simple ingredients - no cooking!

If stored in an airtight container in the fridge, it stays fresh for at least 6 months.

Lacing blocks

Lacing smooth silk ribbon through different sized thread eyes - training fine motor skills and improving hand-eye coordination.

Letters in a box

Building words - in the car or on the train!