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Loose parts play

1000 parts - tinkertrays - reggio inspired

Colourful, wide range of materials which invite to experiment, create and play openended..

In 1972 the architect Simon Nicholson created the 'Theory of Loose Parts' in which infinitely more opportunities to learn are created than with static materials and surroundings. The tinker tray or our ideas offer a lot of possibilities for the children to discover and experience the world.

"'Children learn readily and quickly in a laboratory like surrounding, in which they can experiement, be happy and discover things for themselves." - Loris Malaguzzi (founder of reggio pedagogy)

Invitation to an exploration of the senses in the wonder workshop: highly concentrated and content hours have been spent here with pouring, transferring, rummaging around and sorting.

This is our introduction into the world of senses and wonders as well as to free, unstructered open-ended play.

Triangles, squares and rhombi in all the colours of the rainbow invite to make ever new patterns and figures and to experiment with symmetry, colours and geometry.

Inspired by Fröbel's Spielgaben.