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I wanted to have a mirror corner for a long time - when I stumbled over a pack of mirror tiles in a furniture store, I knew it was time to start this project.

Das Grundmaterial für die Spiegelecke

Things needed

  • 3 Mirror tiles (12'' x 12'')
  • 3 according pieces of thick plywood (about half an inch thick)
  • screws
  • Color or varnish
Die verschiedenen Schritte beim Zusammenbau


Screw the first side wall onto the floor board, then connect the second side wall to the floor board and the other wall.

Apply clear varnish or paint to seal the wood surface and therefore reach better adhesion.

Apply adhesive tape and fix the mirror tiles, press firmly. - Ready

Present with all kinds of tinkering materials and be amazed.

Die Spiegelecke in Aktion

No time to make your own?

There is no ready-made alternative - but something similar:

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