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You can use felt leftovers and attach different fasteners to them to make the bands. You can build long lines or chaplets and try the different fastening mechanisms..

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Das Material für die Ringe

Things needed

Die Filzbänder mit den verschiedenen Verschlüssen


For every element, cut two felt strips to a size of 15-20cm lenght and 1-2cm width.

For the Velcro option, sew a Velcro strap rectancle to both felt strips.

For the button option, sew a button to one strip and make button holes in both strips.

For the snap option, attach one part of the snap to each felt strip.

In the end, bind the matching felt strips using a blanket stitch to make them more robust and hide the seams.

No time to make your own?

There is no readymade alternative - but you could use these:

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