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I wanted to rebuilt an idea, I had seen on pinterest using a few wood off-cuts and screw eyes.

Depending on how many ribbons and which colours are offered a wide range of effects can be made. There are just as many possible arrangements with the positioning of the eye screws. Our threading and lacing enthusiastic almost 6 years old daughter is still a big fan of the lacing blocks.

Das benötigte Material für die Blöcke

Things needed

Die Fädelblöcke in der Übersicht


Measure and drill the holes for the screw eyes.

Twist in the screw eyes. Fix sticky tape to the ends of the ribbons so they do not fray - pin the ribbon to the wood with a push pin.

I have tried to built blocks with different difficulty level. a) same size screw eyes in one line, b) slowly in size decreasing screw eyes in one line, c) same sized screw eyes in a zick zack pattern, d) small screw eyes in a row of two - I am sure there are more variations.

No time to make your own?

There is no ready-made alternative - but some similar things: 

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