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The interesting blocks from Eduplay were not easy to come by in Germany last year and they are only available in four colours. That is why I looked for a possibility to re-built them and found them at "Next Comes L".

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Das Material für die Steine

Things needed

These filters can be used in other projects like Magnetsteine

Die fertigen Steine


Cut the wood blocks or use the ready made blocks from the tumbling tower game. Cut the tinted foil into squares or rectangles.

Make a square with 4 blocks (a square or rectangle as you wish) and glue the foil on top of it.

Use another 4 blocks and glue them onto the foil as counterparts.

Fixate with sticky tape or screw clamps. Let it dry. Be careful to make even surfaces, otherwise it is difficult to stack the blocks later.

No time to make your own?

There are ready-made alternatives: 

Next step: deepening knowlegde, following interests.