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Untreated wood can easily be dyed with food coloring, american icing colors by Wilton are best to use. If you want to color the wood white or achieve more intense colors you can use drawing ink. I have also tried using easter egg dye and soap dye, both work great.

Dyed wood should be coated with salvia resistant, clear varnish if the child still likes to put toys in his/her mouth.

Instead of the varnish you can use a homemade bees wax polish. This, however, is only salvia and water resistant for a limited time and the color can stain eventually.

gefärbtes Holz

Things needed

gefärbtes legematerial


Mix color in a bowl (ceramic, glas or metal).

Either paint the wood with a brush or simple place in the bowl and turn and paint until it is evenly colored.

Remove with tweezers and let it dry on a paper towel.

If you want to keep the color off your fingers use disposable gloves.


Beeswax polish

  • 20g beeswax
  • 80g oliveoil
  • metal bowl with hot water
  • small jar with lid
  • small cup, scale, maybe grater
polierte Holzwürfel


Measure olive oil and heat in water bath.

Grate or cut the wax into small pieces and weigh, then melt in the warm olive oil.

Stir well and fill into a small jar with a lid. Occasionally stire while cooling.

Coat the dyed wood with the cooled off polish. Remove excess polish with a paper towel and polish.

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