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Every child loves playing with water. You can experience all sorts of things with it. Our experience was that, if our daughter got enough opportunities to play with water, the ususal toddler experiments with the drinking bottle or cup were no longer necessary.

If you do not want the whole room to be flooded when you are playing inside, we always put towels under the water playing table and then you can get started!

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Sensory Soup mit Naturmaterial


Put weakened tea or water with spices in the table, add cones, chestnuts and wood slices - the table is ready to scoop, fill and fish


Fishing letters

Put the sieve and the magnetic fishing pole together with the water to fish and sieve.

You can also practice numbers and letters in a playful way : Start with 'e" or a colour, "Catch me a yellow letter"

Schnee im Sommer

Form bin or snow in summer

Whisk water with the washing-up liquid in a tall cup to foam and fill it then in the tub.

For coloured foam put some drops of food colouring on the foam.

If you have a non-electrical whisk, the kids can also make the foam in the bin themselves.


Ocean of pearls

Put the waterbeads and stones with a little bit of water in the tub.

Place a towel next to it for drying the hands.

Next step: deepening knowlegde, following interests.