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I wanted to recreate the Waldorf inspired rainbow friends, to see if my daughter was interested in them. Combined with egg cups and or little bowls you can create a colour sorting exercise out of it. Or create a long rainbow row with them. Or ...

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Die Figuren ohne Gesichter

Things needed

Die Figuren mit Gesichtern


Apply food colouring using a fine brush step by step onto the bottom of the figure and let it dry. 

Rub with beeswax polish and take off any excess with kitchen roll. Figures varnished with beeswax will not rub off colour anymore but the colour will not be saliva proof, therefore if needed paint twice with non-toxic saliva proof varnish.

If you want you can add a hat in the same colour, or little faces - there are no limits to your creativity.

No time to make your own?

There is a ready-made alternative:

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