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symmetry jigsaw puzzle

  • Two part puzzles

    Two parts make one - Search for the fitting halves.

  • Toddler puzzles

    First simple puzzles for toddlers - discover sequenzes, fruit, vegetables and rainbows -

  • Everything about puzzles

    Is there a order for puzzles, that is good to follow? My childs puzzles provide no challenge -

  • Life cycle of a snowdrop

    The growth stages of a snowdrop as a layered puzzle.

  • Life cycle of a bean

    The growth stages of a bean plant as a layered puzzle.

  • Life cycle of a painted lady

    The life cycle of a painted lady as a layered puzzle.

  • Life cycle of a tree frog

    The life cycle of a tree frog as a layered puzzle.

  • Patterns with foam shapes

    Laying free or given patterns with foam shapes.

  • Patterns on the light table

    Lay out and explore exciting luminous patterns.

  • (Tile-based) puzzle with three basic forms

    Triangles, squares and rhombuses in rainbow colours invite to create new shapes and figures and

  • DIY Spielgaben - endless opportunities to play

    Triangles, squares and rhombi in all the colours of the rainbow invite to make ever new

    • Next step: deepening knowlegde, following interests.

  • Mirror corner

    mirror, mirror in the corner... - experience and investigate symetry, geometry and

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